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Use your phone as a satnav with Google Maps or Apple maps. The Mobiles&.co air vent mount fits securely in your car air vent to provide a fixed position for your iPhone or Android device. With 360 degree fitting you can view your phone in landscape or portrait mode. Degree Universal Car Holder Magnetic Air Vent Mount phone holder for iPhone or Android. The mount comes with two ways of fitting - a phone case metal insert to change between devices or for a more permanent option, a non destructive glued metal disk.

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  • USE YOUR PHONE AS A FREE SATNAV Install Google maps on your phone and use your phone as a satnav allowing your to take advantages of Googles database of free points of interest and business locations as well as traffic information and accident rerouting.
  • TALK HANDS FREE Use your phone in your car or van, hands free with your phone's built in voice commands. Talk on the phone without getting distracted with buttons or holding your phone. And avoid an problems with the Police.
  • KEEP YOUR PHONE IN ONE PLACE Keeping you safe on the road. Instead of your phone in your lap or sliding around your dashboard keep your phone in one place so you don't take your eyes off the road. Strong neodymium magnets hold your phone where you need it. To remove your phone when you need it, just reach out and grab it! No more unclipping or searching on the floor.
  • UNIVERSAL PHONE FITTING Fits all smartphone brands and cases. Each box contains the mount holder and two ways of fitting to your device. You can either insert the metal rectangle into your phone case or for a more permanent option you can attach the magnetic circle direct to the rear of your smartphone.
  • EASY TO USE Swivel your phone 360 degrees with one hand to landscape or portrait mode depending on your preference. The base of the air vent mount remains in a fixed position. With one hand you can change the orientation of your device to view your map from a different perspective. The rubber base of the mount holds your phone and stops it from slipping.
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